Susan Barreto

Susan is an award-winning journalist who has worked for a number of regional and global publications. Much of her career has been covering the global finance industry for publications published by Crains, Reuters and Euromoney/Institutional Investor. She also interned and later freelanced for Rockford Magazine as well as the Northwestern Illinois Farmer newspaper.

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Sergio Barreto

Sergio’s American life began as an exchange student in Lincoln, IL. After more than 20 years living up North, writing for outlets such as The Chicago Reader, organizing & promoting cultural events and what-not, he had it with the big city and moved back to Central Illinois. He currently edits financial newsletters, in addition to designing and maintaining websites like this one.

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Maureen Holtz

Maureen Holtz published two books revolving around Robert Allerton. The first, co-authored with Martha Burgin, was the biography Robert Allerton: The Private Man & The Public Gifts (2009). Her follow-up book was Allerton’s Paradises (2011). Her third non-fiction book is Images of America: Monticello (2013). She also writes novels, short stories, and travel articles.

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Robert Switzer

Robert L. Switzer is the author of the non-fiction memoir A Family Farm: Life on an Illinois Dairy Farm (2012). He writes short stories and novels. His short story “Inner Light and Outer Darkness” was published in the inaugural issue (2013) of The Midwest Prairie Review. Bedazzled Ink Publishing published his novel, The Lady Professor, in 2017.

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John Palen

John Palen is a published poet and retired journalist. He lives in Urbana. His most recent book, Distant Music, was published by Mayapple Press in 2017.

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Ginger Hundgen

Ginger is a business professional that has spent the majority of her career focusing on transportation sales. She has lived in central Illinois the majority of her life. Her passions include long distance running, making art, and discovering delicious food.

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