C-U Craft League Art Fair settles into its new home
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C-U Craft League Art Fair settles into its new home

If there was any question whether the Savoy Recreation Center was a suitable location for the Champaign-Urbana Craft League 37th Annual Art Fair, the steady stream of vehicles rolling into the Center’s parking lot on this chilly Sunday afternoon should have been enough to dispel any doubts.

And no offense to the fair’s previous home — the Urbana Civic Center that shut down late last year — but the new digs are far less likely to induce claustrophobia.

2019 C-U Craft League Art Fair

C-U Craft League Art Fair Is happening NOW at the Savoy Recreation Center!

Posted by Central Illinois Buzz on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Judging by the early feedback, the art fair will be back in Savoy next year.

“I heard many, many positive comments about the Savoy Rec Center,” said C-U Craft League President Jill Bush. “Lexi, Kollin and Colby from the Center were wonderful to work with! New customers and long time fans told me they loved the openness, the lighting, as well as the artists in the new space.”

Here are some of the displays that caught our eye (with apologies to the artists we were unable to include):

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