Travel to Europe not on your budget? Then you’re in luck, because the next best way to explore the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, is coming our way: the Peoria Riverfront Museum is getting ready to host the appropriately titled “Da Vinci – The Genius,” billed as the world’s most comprehensive touring exhibition on the ultimate Renaissance Man.

The claim may sound hyperbolic, but the exhibit was created with the assistance of Rome’s Museo Leonardo da Vinci, as well as experts in Italy and France. Highlights include interactive and life-size renditions of da Vinci’s machine inventions, faithfully crafted by Italian artisans from the master’s codices, as well as a high-definition recreation of “The Last Supper” at actual size.

“Da Vinci – The Genius” also features “The Secrets of Mona Lisa” exhibition – an analysis conducted at the Louvre Museum by Pascal Cotte, who’s made huge contributions to “Mona Lisa” scholarship since developing in the 2006 technology that enabled multispectral digitization of the painting.

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