What we learned at the Champaign Art Walk
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What we learned at the Champaign Art Walk

Okay, so our attempt to take in yesterday’s 4th Friday Champaign Art Walk was a partial success at best, since we only made it to two of the nine destinations on the route.

But that was enough to open our eyes to what we have been missing when we go into some downtown Champaign establishments strictly to something to eat or drink — specially when it’s a rushed visit: that some of these places are playing a role in the local art ecosystem, helping emerging as well as established artists get their work seen and (hopefully) sold.

So as we waited for our dinner at Pekara Bakery and Bistro, we took the time to check out several florals by Faith Gabel that were on display. And then we moved on to Aroma Cafe (conveniently just next door), viewing works across several media by local artists while enjoying dessert.

The moral of the story being that while an organized event like the Art Walk encourages you to pay attention, you can take your own art walk in downtown Champaign any day.

Sergio Barreto

Written by Sergio Barreto

Sergio's American life began as an exchange student in Lincoln, IL. After more than 20 years living up North, writing for outlets such as The Chicago Reader, organizing & promoting cultural events and what-not, he had it with the big city and moved back to Central Illinois. He currently edits financial newsletters, in addition to designing and maintaining websites like this one.

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